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Maid Montoya

Montoya hills shows off her big black tits and voluptuous ebony booty in a maid outfit.

I am here to service all your needs in my sexy maid outfit. I don’t do windows, laundry, scrub floors, or clean the litter box. But,… I will give you great head and fuck the shit out of you. I will even entertain your guests by sucking your male friends dicks, and eating the pussy of your female friends. My maid services are sexual.  I do not want to break a nail. LOL.

Montoya Hills shows off her big black tits and deep cleavage in her high heels and maid outfit.

My tits started growing when I was 9 years old, and I think they are still growing. Guys love them, and as you can imagine I get all kinds of offers. Free rides, free drinks, offers of marriage, and other things that are really weird.  I am a little kinky, but it has to be mutually pleasurable. The truth is that I just love sex, and if the offer has something to do with sex, and it sounds exciting, I just might take you up on the offer. I like experiencing new things. If I haven’t tried it, how do I know if I will like it or not?

Montoya Hills big black tits, large areolas and deep cleavage exposed.

I am bisexual and enjoy playing with women. Do not misunderstand me! I am not a lesbian. Fucking and sucking cock is amazing, but the sensuality of playing with another woman’s breasts and eating her pussy is provocative. Especially when she and I are sharing her man.

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