Big tit ebony milf

Sinfully Long Nails

Big tit ebony milf, Montoya Hills, shows-off her  large areolas and sinfully long fingernails.

Long nails can be a lot of fun during sex! For me, and the guy. I simply LOVE raking my nails across his back and shoulders while he is onto of me driving his cock deep in my pussy. Or, grabbing his butt and digging my nails into the cheeks of his ass as he pumps me. A little pain with pleasure is always fun. I can scratch rather roughly, and it is the most satisfying thing when you have ‘branded’ your man. If he has scratches on his body from sex… It’s a sign for everyone to know just how much he pleasures his woman. Plus, long fingernails are just so sensual and sexy.

Montoya Hills, big ebony boobs , large areolas and deep cleavage.

Sometimes I like to tease just for the attention, like all women do. Having long fingernails and wearing a tight, low cut top showing my deep cleavage allows gets me the attention I want. Sometimes it’s just for fun to make me feel good. Other times it is because I am horny and want to have sex.

Ebony milf, Montoya Hills does a hand bra with her sinfully long fingernails.

My tits are even too big for a hand bra. Hehe. Well,..I hope everyone out there is enjoying my little piece off the web and please check-out my blowjob videos. I also have some sexy and fun videos titled “Titty Talk” where you can see my bit tits of course, and, I tell you about my sexual experiences and some other kinky shit.

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