Big tit ebony milf

Smoking Hot

Big tit ebony milf, Montoya Hills, is smoking a cigarette in high heels showing her deep cleavage.

I am a smoker, but only socially when I am at a swingers party, or a club. Having an adult beverage or two and smoking a couple cigs gives me that classy and sophisticated feeling. Just in case you are curious, I like menthol 100’s. Some of my friends say I look sexy smoking. What do you think?

Big tit ebony milf smoking a cigarette and showing cleavage.

After this smoking photo shoot I went out for evening of partying at some local gay bars and clubs. I was hoping to get some head from a hot babe, but no luck. Just a night of drinking, smoking,  and partying until 5:00 AM. But, I still had a lot of fun.

Big tit ebony milf smoking a cigarette with her big tits and large areolas exposed.

Make sure you check-out my smoking video at the clip store. I never smoked on camera before but I think the video is fucking hot! I pull my big black tits out of my bra and blow smoke on my large areolas. If you are into smoking fetish videos I am sure you will enjoy it. In future posts I will detail some of my other fetish interests. Stay tuned!

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