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Hills & Valleys

Big tit African-American  babe shows deep cleavage.

Ebony milf with large areolas and long finger nails  cupping her boob.

Ontyoa Hills squeezes her huge ebony tits.

Ebony bbw spreads her high heeled legs squeezes her huge boobs

Montoya Hills exposes her massive magnificent breasts and large areolas.

Photos from my latest shoot giving you a view of my hills and valleys. My huge tits, seductive cleavage, large areolas, and sinfully long nails cupping my massive boobs. Most women would not want to deal with all the issues of caring around two, 15 lb. breasts, and would have had a breast reduction. But, not me! I really enjoy my boobs, and what the get me. Attention, from everyone that sees me. All the dick and pussy I could ever want.

Once in the bedroom, when I free-up my big black tits from my bra and expose my huge areolas, I can get everything I want. My pussy eaten and fucked!

Hills Hangers

Afro-American, big tit black babe shows her saggy tits.

Montoya Hills reveals her huge saggy black boobs.

Big tit babe uses her huge boobs as air bags.

Montoya Hills big black cushions.

What’s up with the popularity of thin, flat chested, black babes in porn? Good luck with trying to titty fuck a titless black babe. Us full figured, big tit, big booty ebony babes, are much more fun and satisfying. Some of us do have tight pussies, and if we don’t, we more than make-up for it with our big tits, and booty cushions made for push-in. Full figured black babes give better head too.

My tits are all natural, and are the true definition of fun bags. I can wrap them around your cock, or your head, and smother them both with my huge black pillows. After an hour of intense sex, all thing being equal, would you rather snuggle up to a bony, titless black babe, or me? Once you watch my videos in the BlowBob Clip Store I am sure you will choose me, and become a fan of black women with huge saggy boobs.


Old School Hills

Busty, old school, glamorous ebony milf showing deep cleavage.

An old school hair style that is still glamorous and sexy to this day. It really doesn’t matter what your hair style is when you have big tits, and show-off your deep cleavage. You could be bald and everyone would be staring  at your boobs.

High heeled black beauty squeezing her massive juggs.

Gently pushed my huge black tits together from the sides to make my cleavage tight so you can image your dick swallowed up by my massive fun bags while you give me a titty fuck. Big natural tits are the only way to titty fuck.

High heeled, leg spreading, Montoya Hills, exposses her huge tits and large aerolas.

They will completely smoother your dick, and as they slid up and down on your rock hard rod. I can’t wait until the head pops out, gasping for air, before diving back in for more. Many a cock has drowned in pleasure diving into my big black tits.

Montoya Hills licks and sucks on her huge black tits and large aerolas.

My big soft breasts are meant to be enjoyed at my leisure, to kiss and lick and suck all over, over and over again. Or, to be share with others that will give them the attention they need. Squeezing, massaging, licking and sucking on my hard nipples and large aerolas.

Huge hanging tits on a high heeled ebony beauty.

Then a titty cum bath! Getting warm sperm sprayed all over my big black tits is what I crave. Cum see my video” Montoya’s 10 Big Tit Cum Shots” and my most popular video “Montoya’s Titty Fuck & Blowjob”.


Busting Out

Big black tits busting out of a tight red dress.

Don’t let my pretty face and glamorous look fool you. I can be a bossy black bitch demanding that you get on your knees and worship your strong and dominant black goddess. If you are good, I might let you fondle my big black tits and suck on my large aerolas.

Huge black boobs exposed.

Both of my breasts will need your complete attention. They will require a little licking, and a little sucking, as you fondle my big black  breasts. If you please me I will give you a reward and let you fuck my tits with your dick, but you can’t shoot your load of cum on them until I tell you.

High heeled, big tit ebony milf squeezes her big black tits.

You will need to eat my pussy first. I want your head between my spread high heeled legs, and your tongue in my pussy. You will be required to suck my pussy and give your black goddess an intense orgasm.

Ebony milf man handles her monster tits and large aerolas.

Then, I will let you fuck my big black tits again, and you will be allowed to shoot your sperm all over my nipples and huge aerolas.

Country Hills

Montoya Hills exposes her huge slopping boobs in jeans, high heels and flannel shirt.

Black bitches can be a little bit of country too! Just think of me as the black version of Dolly Parton but with bigger boobs. Hehe. I don’t ride a horse but I love animlas, and I preferr high heels to boots. But,…like a country girl, I have attitude, and I can be sassy and down to earth.

Glamorous ebony beauty, Montoya Hills, holding her large breasts.

If I like you, I might let you join me in my sleeping bag and you can snuggle up next to my all natural big black boobs. They are large enough to keep us both warm on those wintery country nights when there is a chill in the air.

The hills and valleys of a seductive  and voluptuous ebony beauty.

Just thinking about my up-coming trip to the Windy City and what I should take with me to wear.  As a Florida girl I have never seen snow or experienced the northern fridge temperatures.  I guess my low cut tops and going bra-less is out. I will freeze my boobs off!

Titty Fun

Montoya Hills big black tits, large aerolas, and deep cleavage.

I am cupping, and offering up, my massive breasts for all to enjoy. If you like thick pendulous udders capped with large dark areola you have come to the right place. My hands aren’t able to wrangle my all natural black boobs as I cup their undersides. I could really use an extra hand or two. A hard dick to fuck my deep cleavage while manhandling my huge chocolate fun bags works too!

Laege black aerolas and nipples, pinched by long finger nails.

Get up-close and personal with me as I pinch the nipples on my huge black boobs and large aerolas. My nipples aren’t always erect but a little nipple play and pinching will get them to stand up.

Montoya Hills cups her huge black boobs creating a hand bra..

Some say to me that tits bigger than a handful are a waste. My respones is that you do not know what to do with them.


Cock Tugging

Big tit ebony beauty, Montoya Hills,  removing her bra and exposing her boobs.

Bras can be hard to find, and they are expensive, when you have tits as big as mine. This is one of my favorite bras from my collection. I think it complements the skin tone of my boobs. I am getting ready to give a hand job and slowly removing it to make sure I have a big hard cock to tug. Gazing on my big black tits always gives a guy a hard-on.

Montoya Hills removes her bra and exposes her big black tits and large aerolas.

Then there is my huge aerolas! Everyone loves them once they see my big black tits naked. I don’t know what the big deal is, but it seems to be a real turn-on for both girls and guys. I guess it is some sort of maternal thing that big breasts and large aerolas are milk laden and meant for breast feeding the world. Sorry, but my big black tits and large aerolas are for my own use and for whoever I allow to enjoy them. No babies yet, but we will see.

Big tit ebony milf gives a hand job to white cock.

I always enjoy giving a hand job. It is a lot easier than giving head too! I get the same result, a load of cum on my tits, without all the deep throat gagging shit. It is fun because it is like giving a massage. The only difference is that you are only massaging one part of the body. A dick! You start off oiling a soft and limp piece of flesh, if the guy hasn’t seen my tits, then it grows and swells. Once hard, you massage it with one or both hands until you get him to orgasm. He pops his load, and I get his warm sticky sperm on my big tits and large aerolas. We are both happy.

Montoya Hills takes a load of cum on her  big black tits after tugging on a white cock.

I love the feel of warm cum on my tits and large aerolas after I tug cock, or suck dick. Make sure you check-out my hand job videos at the HandJobMoms clip store, or my blow job videos at the BlowBob clip store. You can also see more titty play and softcore fetish stuff at the WTFCandidClips store.

Satin Pillows

Ebony glamour milf nude, exposing her huge boobs and large aerolas.

After taken a shower I wanted to enjoy the feel of my red satin soft and silky sheets. The feeling is so sensual and they make me feel so sexy. I am nude in this shoot with a more glamour style, but, as always my big black tits and large aerolas are out there for you to enjoy.

Nude ebony milf in red satin posed with big tit fun bags hanging between her spread legs.

I am posing nude, enjoying my red stain sheets, with my big black fun bags hanging between my spread legs in this glamour nude photo. I have no doubt that many of you are fantasizing about fucking my deep cleavage and having me wrap my big black boobs and large aerolas around your hard cock. I love titty cum baths. The feeling of warm sticky cum on my tits gets me so wet.

Montoya Hills handles her soft and sexy black juggs  and large aerolas.

Give me a hand holding these fun bags! My all natural big black boobs weight in at 10 pounds each and are a lot to handle. I have considered having a breast reduction, but the attention I get, and the sexual advantages causes me to pause. I think I will just keep on enjoying the benefits they offer me. Enjoy, and check out my blow job videos here. Or, my hand job videos here.

Mistress Montoya

Big it ebony Mistress, Montoya Hills is training her black slave.

I enjoy being dominate when it comes to sex, and training my slaves properly on how to serve their Mistress for all my sexual pleasures. The first part of their training is to knell before me and service my big black tits. Sucking on my large aerolas and erect nipples. I then perform erotic asphyxiation by wrapping my boobs around their head and burying their face between my tits so they can’t breath. A little added butt spanking with my special paddle makes my slaves very attentive to my sexual needs. Pleasure and pain can be one in the same.

Big Tit ebony femdom, Montoya Hills is forcing her slave to take a throat fucking.

I enjoy having my tits covered in cum but it is so much work giving head. It is easier to have a slave you can train on how to deep throat a cock. Part of what I teach my black bitch slaves is how to take a throat fucking, and enjoy it. With a leash and hand I hold their heads so they will be forced to take a cock deep down their throat until they start gagging creating erotic asphyxiation and giving them both pleasure and pain.

Montoya Hills big black tits and large aerolas are covered in cum.

The final step in training my  black bitch slaves is to get what I want. The feel of a man’s warm sticky cum on my big tits and large aerolas. It is orgasmic! Having a will trained slave that will do all the cock sucking so that I can reap all the pleasures of a titty cum bath is what I require. My black slave bitches are trained well to service my needs, and of course the cocks they suck. Check-out my Mistress Montoya video here.

Bathroom Big Black Tits

Montpya Hils is toilet seating with her huge black tits hanging out.

When  a girl needs to pee, she really needs to pee. Women are not as lucky as guys. You men just un-zip, whip out your cock, and spray piss wherever you want.  For us women it is more complicated. We have to spread our legs, squat and pee. We do not have a dick that we can hold on to, so we can aim and shoot.

Montoya Hills displays her huge black tits and large areolas.

On top of that, some of us have to carry around huge tits. Mine weigh in at 10 pounds each. Right now, they are fun because of all the attention I get, and the pleasure I receive from them during sex. Guys and girls enjoy fondling and sucking on them . My extremely large areolas excite many of my sex partners too. But,…. I think later on in life I will get a breast reduction before they are hanging to my knees.

Big black tit, Montoya Hills ,handbra

While you can, have fun jerking-off while looking at my photos and videos. These girls are becoming to much to carry around.

Handcuffed Good Head

Big black tit, Montoya Hills, is ready to suck white cock.

I like to try new things that I have never experienced before, sexually that is. Sometimes just lying there, licking and thrusting and sucking gets a little boring. I have had a fascination for bondage and being submissive so I decided to do a shoot handcuffed and giving head to see what it was like to be dominated and used as a sex toy.

Montoya Hills is handcuffed and giving  a deep throat blow job.

I am down on my knees, my big ass booty resting on my high heeled feet, back arched , hands handcuffed behind my back with my big black boobs dangling. I have a fully erect cock in front of my face. I want to please him. I licked the tip with my tongue and then opened my mouth to take his hard cock between my lips. I locked my lips tight around his hard shaft. I can feel my tits banging against my chest as I pump his cock with my face. He repeatedly grabs my head and forces his cock deep down my throat.

Big Black tits and large areolas covered in cum after giving deep throat, handcuffed.

It didn’t take long for him to shoot a load of cum all over my big black tits and large areolas. The whole experience of being handcuffed and face fucked was to say the least, different. I am usually the dominate partner with all of my fuck buddies so this was an exciting new sexual adventure. One more thing I can take off my sex bucket list.


Big Tits & Sexy Legs

High heeled, big tit ebony milf shows off her sexy legs and large areolas.

I have always loved porn but never really thought about doing it. I guess as a swinger that enjoys having sex with total strangers it makes since to want to try it. Well, when a friend of mine sent photos of my big tits to Bob of that was the beginning of my new hobby of modeling and doing porn. I enjoy showing off my body, and I  love the comments I receive. Black men like my big ass and white men like my big tits. I guess it is a cultural or media thing.

Big boobed, black swinger exposes her massive breast and sexy legs in high heels.

I’m fantastically lucky to have my shape and body. It’s so perfect. Huge tits with large areolas, a big booty, and sexy legs. I have something for everybody. Man or woman. Having an attractive face helps too. HeHe!! I’ve always loved sex!! I am always the horniest one in my relationships. I always end up wanting sex more than the guy; it’s just always on my mind!  I have a very active sex life but in my off times I enjoy masturbating, a lot. I also like to try new things, sexually, which has helped me to become good at sex. Practice makes perfect.

Ebony milf with huge tits and large areolas.

There are disadvantages to having big tits. As you can imagine finding bras that fit is very difficult, and they are expensive. Help support my tits by  checking-out my video clips and photos sets. LOL.

Braids & Boobs

Montoya Hills shows off her new braided hair style and big black tits.

Women like to have different looks and this is my latest look with my hair long and braided. Even with my new hair style, everyone always looks at my boobs. Women and men are always fascinated my huge boobs. It wasn’t always that way! My boobs were a pretty normal size for my stature as I was growing-up, but they just seem to be getting bigger. I wore  a 34D bra most of the time in my senior year but by the time I was in my early twenties I  had grown to 36DDD cups.

High heeled big tit ebony milf, Montoya Hills, exposes her huge areolas.

Men would stare and women would comment on my figure everywhere I went. By the time I was twenty-four, my breasts were so big that people wondered if they were real. They are! They had grown to 38DDD cup size. My monstrous hooters hovered above a thirty-two inch waist, forty inch hips, and a round, firm ass that stuck out so far you could stack plates on it. Every man that I met would get an immediate hard-on just looking at my boobs and big booty.

Montoya shows of her long braided her style and deep cleavage.

If I decide I want to fuck a guy, or I am at a swingers party and my boobs are completely exposed, my large aerolas and nipples always become an immediate attraction and topic of discussion. Men and women want to play with them and suck on them. It is fun, but I want to have my pussy eaten and to be fucked by a dick. I love sex! Getting fucked and eating pussy.

Big Tit Hand Job

Big tit ebony milf, Montoya Hills, expsoed her boobs to give a hand job.

I have been with a really lot of guys, but all they wanted to do is fuck me, or have me give them head. I have never really given a hand job, but my photographer buddy suggested that I try it. I did, and wow! I  really enjoyed it, and had a lot of fun.

Big tit ebony milf with all natural boobs tugs white cock.

Tugging on a guys cock is actually very relaxing in addition to be being very erotic. It is like giving a massage, and it turned me on to hold a cock in my hands. Cupping the tip with my fingers and working the head of his cock with my fingers knowing that I was pleasing him and in control was so amazing. I was able to  satisfy him by  sliding my hands up and down his cock. I love it!

Montoya's Hills big black tits covred in cum after tugging white cock.

As I jerked his dick, rubbing it on my big natural tits, he finally proceeded to spray each one of my large aerolas covering my nipples with cum which slowly dripped off my boobs. He was drained, but I was really turned-on and ready to do it again. Check-out the video at

Joy of Juggs

High heeled ebony milf exposes her big black juggs and large areolas.

I had a guy friend that always wanted to feast his eyes on my big black boobs. He said that the enjoyment of my cleavage was not as great as that of seeing my naked breasts. He told me he wanted to put his face in between my huge juggs and kiss my nipples. I never let him see my naked tits or kiss my nipples.

Close-up look at the huge black boobs of Montoya Hills.

He finally got his wish to see my boobs. He recently contacted me and told me that he got to see my naked breasts on my website, and that my big black boobs were just as he has fantasied, except for my large my areolas. I always get that from guys that I have sex with and allow them to enjoy my tits. They are turned on my large areolas and want to cum all over my huge nipples, but I love to fuck.

Ebony milf's deep cleavage.

I love a hard cock deep in my pussy as a guy is manhandling my big tits. I love the way a guy squeezes my big black tits and bites my nipples. It make me feel like a woman. I love the look on a guys face when I dangle my big black  tits in his face as I am on top and he is pushing his hard cock deep into my cunt.

Smoking Hot

Big tit ebony milf, Montoya Hills, is smoking a cigarette in high heels showing her deep cleavage.

I am a smoker, but only socially when I am at a swingers party, or a club. Having an adult beverage or two and smoking a couple cigs gives me that classy and sophisticated feeling. Just in case you are curious, I like menthol 100’s. Some of my friends say I look sexy smoking. What do you think?

Big tit ebony milf smoking a cigarette and showing cleavage.

After this smoking photo shoot I went out for evening of partying at some local gay bars and clubs. I was hoping to get some head from a hot babe, but no luck. Just a night of drinking, smoking,  and partying until 5:00 AM. But, I still had a lot of fun.

Big tit ebony milf smoking a cigarette with her big tits and large areolas exposed.

Make sure you check-out my smoking video at the clip store. I never smoked on camera before but I think the video is fucking hot! I pull my big black tits out of my bra and blow smoke on my large areolas. If you are into smoking fetish videos I am sure you will enjoy it. In future posts I will detail some of my other fetish interests. Stay tuned!

Montoya’s Big Tit Christmas

Montoya Hills enjoys the Christmas season showing off her deep cleavage

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all my fans. These are a few photos from my latest blow job clip, with just a little touch of the Christmas theme. If you have been good this year I just might appear under your Christmas tree and will let you play with my toys. My big black tits!

Montoya Hills is a big tit, ebony Christmas angel.

I am getting ready to suck cock, and hopefully my Christmas gift will be a huge nut on my big black boobs .

Montoya Hills exposes her cum covered  big black tits and large areolas.

My  cum covered big black tits and large areolas after I gave some deep sloppy head. That was my Christmas present from my photographer. A load of cum on my boobs instead of coal in my stocking. I was a really good girl this year in many ways, if you know what I mean. HeHe!

Cock Sucking

Big tit ebony milf, Montoya Hills  sucks white cock.

I get compliments all the time on on my cock sucking skills. It seems that my years of attending swinger’s house parties has paid off in many ways. I get fucked, of course,… and I have sucked a lot of dicks which has helped me hone my blowjob skills.

Big tit ebony milf, Montoya Hills, is giving head to white cock.

I am not a timid or shy cock sucker, and I can get pretty aggressive. I love giving sloppy, deep throat blowjobs! Gagging and choking is all part of the fun for me. It creates a ton of drool which I then spit on the guy’s cock. I get very naughty when I am giving head and love to talk shit when my mouth isn’t full. HeHe!….. But the hottest part is how turned on I get.

Big tit ebony milf deep throats white cock.

I delight in having a guy shoot his load of cum all over my big black tits and large areolas, after I have given him the best head ever had. :O The sensation of feeling his warm sperm squishing between my boobs is exquisite. I hope you will check out my cock sucking video clips.

Titty Fucks

Montoya Hills, the ebony milf, shows off her big black tits deep cleavage.

I really love my new lacy white bra. It makes my big boobs and deep cleavage really breathtaking. I am sure all you guys out there would love to straddle my chest and put your hard cock right in the valley between my big black tits and pump them like them there was no tomorrow. I have to say, it is fun to watch my tits swallow-up a guys rock hard dick.

The all natural big black boobs nad large areolas of Montoya Hills, the ebony milf.

Guys tell me there is nothing like fucking a pair of all natural tits. They like pinching my large nipples and areolas as they pump my silky soft chocolate tits with their stiff dick, but… I won’t let them cum on my tits until they fuck me. A titty fuck is fun, but I like to have my pussy fucked too.

High heeled, big tit ebony babe, Montoya Hills, exposes her mammoth boobs and deep cleavage.

When I fuck, I like to be on top. That works for most guys because they can watch my big black  juggs bounce up and down as I impale my pussy on their cock. They can squeeze, lick and suck on my tits as I fuck them hard with my wet cunt. After I have had my fun, then they can shoot their load of cum all over my boobs and nipples. Do not forget to check-out my my big tit and cock sucking video clips.


Cum Covered Black Tits

Montoya Hills, the big black tit milf has her tits and large areolas covered in cum.

Guys always say that girls in glasses look more intelligent, but are they sexy? Well, just imagine that I am your sextratary and I have just given you the best blow job you ever had, and you shoot you load of cum all over my all natural big black tits. Brains and beauty can be very sexy. An intelligent, beautiful, and all natural big tit black woman is better in the bedroom than some silicone filled, big tit, dumb blonde bitch. When you have had black you never go back!

Montoya Hills big black tits are covered in sperm.

Timeka Taylor and I gave a white cock some head, and this was the result. My big tits and large areolas were covered in a cum bath. That warm and creamy sticky shit (cum),that guys spray on my tits after I give them deep sloppy head really makes my pussy wet, and I always have an orgasm. Timeka lovingly licked the cum off of my hard nipples, so they were even bigger and harder. Did I mention that I enjoy threesomes? Me and two guys, or me with couple, I am down.

Huge ebony boobs cover in cum.

Make sure you check-out my deep throat blow job videos. You can see guys shoot their load all over my big black tits and some threesome girl/girl fun.

Hot & Steamy Big Tits

Amateur ebony milf, Montoya Hills, is cooking in the kitchen with her big black tits hanging out.

I am not just a big tit black woman with a pretty face. I am a good cook! As with my sexual interests and fantasies, I like trying new things and experimenting. Give me a new food recipe, or a new sexual experience to try, and I am down.

Big black tit milf, Montoya Hills, wants her to join her in her kitchen for some steamy hot sex.

I am just as talented in the kitchen as I am in the bedroom. A guy that spends the Holiday’s with me will get to enjoy my amble boobs, my sexual depravity, and my culinary talents.  I will empty his balls and fill his stomach, over and over. HeHe.

Montoya Hills wants to wrap her big black tits around your cock, for desert.

After I serve up a delicious meal, I will give you a fantastic deep sloppy blowjob and empty your balls by making you cum all over my big tit and large areolas.

Sinfully Long Nails

Big tit ebony milf, Montoya Hills, shows-off her  large areolas and sinfully long fingernails.

Long nails can be a lot of fun during sex! For me, and the guy. I simply LOVE raking my nails across his back and shoulders while he is onto of me driving his cock deep in my pussy. Or, grabbing his butt and digging my nails into the cheeks of his ass as he pumps me. A little pain with pleasure is always fun. I can scratch rather roughly, and it is the most satisfying thing when you have ‘branded’ your man. If he has scratches on his body from sex… It’s a sign for everyone to know just how much he pleasures his woman. Plus, long fingernails are just so sensual and sexy.

Montoya Hills, big ebony boobs , large areolas and deep cleavage.

Sometimes I like to tease just for the attention, like all women do. Having long fingernails and wearing a tight, low cut top showing my deep cleavage allows gets me the attention I want. Sometimes it’s just for fun to make me feel good. Other times it is because I am horny and want to have sex.

Ebony milf, Montoya Hills does a hand bra with her sinfully long fingernails.

My tits are even too big for a hand bra. Hehe. Well,..I hope everyone out there is enjoying my little piece off the web and please check-out my blowjob videos. I also have some sexy and fun videos titled “Titty Talk” where you can see my bit tits of course, and, I tell you about my sexual experiences and some other kinky shit.

Ebony Milf Funbags

High heeled ebony milf, Montoya Hills, exposes her huge black tits.

Having all natural 38I boobs has it’s advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that it is hard to find bras that fit, and they are very expensive. A bra can cost me $50 and up. Other problems include the fact that is I can’t sleep on my stomach, and I can’t see my pussy to shave it because my boobs are in the way. Check-out my video clip Montoya Hills Titty Talk. I play with my tits while I talk about my sexual experiences and what it is like to have huge boobs.

Montoya Hills big black tits and deep cleavage. She has huge nipples and areolas too!

My boobs started growing when I eight years old. By the time I was in middle school I was a “C” cup. When I graduated from High School I had developed into a “DD” cup. That was seven years ago, and I think they are still growing since I am currently an “I” cup size. There are advantages to having big tits. I get a lot of free stuff and all sorts of offer’s. I get I lot of attention and looks from guys and girls. That is kind of cool, and it gives my all sorts of opportunities for sex.

Montoya Hills shows off her big black tits and deep cleavage.  She has amazing large areolas and nipples.

Titty fucks are nice, but  I love sucking dick and having a guy cum on my big black tits. Make sure you check back for my cock sucking pics! You can see my deep throat blowjob videos here.

Two Ebony Milfs

Montoya Hills and Timeka Taylor are two big tit ebony milfs ready for fun.

I told my photographer buddy that I hadn’t played with another woman for awhile and he suggested that he hook me up with Timeka Taylor. He told me that she was a swinger and enjoyed sex with men and women, and supposedly, she was excellent at eating pussy. I like to try new thing and told him to set it up.

Big tit ebony lesbians ready for some girl/girl sex.

I believe in trying new things. If you do not try it how do you know if you will like it or not. That includes sex. Timeka just had here baby and her breasts were full of milk. I wanted to  sucking on her huge lactating nipples see what breast milk tasted like. I got my wish sucked on her breasts! The breast milk had a sweet flavor, and she even squirted her milk on my boobs.

Montoya Hills and Timeka Taylot, the big tit ebony milfs share a dick.

We had a blast! I got my first taste of breast milk. We shared a dildo. I got my pussy eaten real good, and we sucked dick. Timeka licked the cum off of my tits after they were covered in sperm.